Compact conical cover
We recently developed a new cover for the perforated markers as well as for the interlocking tube system.

Due to the new shape, material and weight could be saved, thus the cover is cheaper than the conventional quadratic or conical covers. The word “Grenzpunkt” is integrated on the top surface.

As the cone is shorter than usual it is easier to insert the markers on ground level and less digging is required.

Cobra Combi and Cobra Standard
For the mechanical insertion of the interlocking tube markers we offer petrol driven breakers and drills made by Atlas Copco. The breaker Cobra Standard has no drilling function, therefore it is lighter and cheaper than Cobra Combi.

With the help of a special bar which is adapted to the drilling jig it is possible to insert interlocking tube markers with rather small expenditure of effort.

There is no need for power packs and cables.

The Cobras are equipped with vibration dampening handles and meet the EU emission regulations. The extent of delivery comprises tools and a compact wooden box for easy transport.

There are special requirements concerning the fittings of vehicles used in surveying. We therefore present a new solution for smaller cars such as station wagons, vans etc: the Geo-Kombibox.

It is a light and low-priced construction which can help to increase order and safety of equipment and passengers also in these cars. The Geo-Kombibox consists of two boxes, one at the bottom, the other one on top.

Both components can be used separately. They are connected with two solid fasteners. Installation inside the car as well as removal is most simple: strong straps are used for fixing the handles of the box to the eyes in the back of the car.

The Geo-Kombibox is either made of wood or of aluminium (empty weights approx. 42 or 35 kg).