Discounts and shipping costs


For all items being correspondingly characterized after the product information, we grant the following volume discounts:

from € 770, - Net value of goods: 3% discount;
from € 1.300, - Net value of goods: 5% discount.

For orders with a net value below € 25.50 we charge a processing fee of
€ 5,10 plus VAT

Since the discount rules are combined with each other and can not be displayed in the shop for technical reasons, the discount will be made after the order and will be shown in the invoice.


The cheapest shipping way (forwarding / parcel service) is determined individually after receipt of the order. The corresponding freight costs can be requested from us by telephone (Tel .: 02351-50362) or as a message during the shop order process (Step 2, "Your message to us"). A separate ID at this point is therefore not possible in advance.

With closed acceptance of 300 complete markings (SD + AK 4 or AK 7), we deliver DuoBloc markings "free domicile" to an unloading address in Germany.

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